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There are all sorts of things that can go wrong with your vehicles gearbox.

Sometimes it isn’t quite the gearbox but your clutch that needs replacing; other times it is everything! When it comes to gearbox repairs in Lincoln, we do our best to offer you the best service at a reasonable price. If you need any more information then please contact us and our staff will do everything possible to help.

About our gearbox repair service in Lincoln

Our first instinct is not to replace your entire gearbox. Before we do that, we need to know the reason for the problems. Part of this is asking you for any noticeable changes in performance or having our technicians drive your car to find out the issue. From there, we can determine whether the gearbox needs replacing or if you just need it repairing.

This also helps us make sure the fault does lie with the gearbox. There are many parts that make up this crucial part of a manual or automatic car, including the clutch. Thorpe Lane Garages technicians will go through everything to make sure it isn’t a problem somewhere else in your vehicle.

If the problem does lie with your gearbox we will remove it send it for specialist repair and then refit it for you in as short a time as possible. All costs will be given to you up-front once we have worked out what the issue is.

At Thorpe Lane Garages we will work on all types of vehicles. They will sometimes need different parts and it can take us longer to source some than others.

So, when you need gearbox repairs in Lincoln, give Thorpe Lane Garages a call.