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Do you need replacement car batteries in Lincoln? You have come to the right place!

There are many reasons a car battery can fail. It could be you’ve left your lights on or that the battery is just reaching the end of it’s life. It could be a different problem altogether that’s affecting your battery, which is why we check car batteries on behalf of our customers before we replace them.

Thorpe Lane Garages wants to help you. We will not instantly jump to replacing your battery. We want to find the reason for the fault in question.

Full battery diagnostic check

If you find that your vehicle is struggling for power, or you have to jump start your car every morning, wecan help. Our technicians will run a full diagnostic check on your vehicles battery to get to the bottom of the problem. Some of the time, we’ve found that it is not actually the battery; it could be that the alternator is not charging as it should.

Before you bring your car in, if you have any questions, please contact us and our staff will be able to help. They can let you know about all the issues regarding batteries and common issues and how these may affect the safety of your car.

Quality batteries at affordable prices

You do not need to worry about breaking the bank. All our batteries are affordable. But that doesn’t mean cheap! We believe in quality – there’s no point having affordable if you have to come back after two months, right?

We only work with the best battery suppliers to make sure you are back on the road and stay there.

Call Thorpe Lane Garages today for all your battery needs.